Reside in the BVI/Annual Permit

AskReside in the BVI/Annual Permit
Nick Cunha asked 8 years ago

I understand that to stay longer than six months in the BVI I will need a Permit to Reside in the BVI/Annual Permit. My issue is that there is no guarantee that the one-year permit is going to be renewed. There is no statutory provision for it not to be extended, either. Whether I get to stay longer or have to go home is solely at the discretion of the Chief Immigration Officer. Is it common for a person to be denied a renewal(outside of criminality, of course)?

Lauren Charley replied 8 years ago

Good morning Peter,

As long as abide by the laws and stay “out of trouble” during your first year here, and your employers are happy to renew your permit you should be fine 🙂 The process for work permit renewals is much more simple than the initial application.

Keep in mind, if your tittle changes, your employers need to re-advertise your job again to see if there is a local BVIIslander who can fill the position.


Peter Meredith replied 8 years ago

Thanks so much for responding and so quickly, too. I forgot to mention that I wouldn’t actually work in the BVI. I’m a writer and I technically live off of royalties of previously written novels so I wouldn’t actually need a work permit. I’m trying to find a legal way to live down there year round.