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Kim asked 7 years ago

I would like to know how much would I need to have in my bank account in order to get approved for a right to reside in the BVI. I will be working from home

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Nick Cunha (8 comments) answered 6 years ago

Apparently, there are a few answers from a few people.

I’m a non-working resident, and when I applied for residency, I found a statistic that stated the annual cost of living in the BVI was $40,000. So I showed bank statements worth about $40k, and I was granted permission to reside without working. One caveat: My (ex) husband and I applied together, so a single person could probably show less than $40k and be permitted. But the $40k amount is an actual amount used by a married couple in 2014, that proved sufficient for Immigration authorities. – Danielle C.

Another answer is:

They decide depending on how long your planning on staying – Sayuri F.


Maros Pristas (5 comments) answered 6 years ago

There is no “right to reside.” The immigration can pick and choose whoever, based on their internal criteria. It’s their right to allow you to stay, you have merely the right to apply. The figure is not to be understood as a threshold. The idea is that you disclose what you have and they decide if they’d like to keep you in.