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AskWife coming to visit
Nick Cunha asked 10 years ago

Hi. My name is Icah Wilmot and I hold a current work permit for tortola. I work here from November through to April. My wife has booked and paid for a flight to come for Christmas and would like to stay with me, possibly until I leave, but other arrangements might come through and she may have to leave before. is it some how possible for her to come in on a one way ticket, and just extend her stay until I leave or until the other arrangements come through?? then we would buy her departure ticket when we know exactly what the plan will be??
Thanks for your time

JoJo replied 10 years ago

Hello there,
your wife has to have a return ticket (no discussions there, really)

Option A- fly in
you need to have a plane ticket out

Option B- Fly to St. Thomas, come by ferry
you need to have a return ticket (ferry is enough)

In either case, you have to have a return ticket. Note that you don’t have to have a fixed return date for the ferry. Otherwise, get any date for the plane and pay for the change later.

Karen replied 10 years ago

or she could simply buy an open ticket. They might be costly check if it’s cheaper to buy open or pay the extra charges to change the date.Tell your wife to make sure the ticket allows it.

me replied 10 years ago

Or buy a fully refundable return ticket and cancel it as soon as she gets here. And don’t forget if she stays over 3 months she has to renew her visa BEFORE it expires or leave the territory and get a new visa upon re-entry.

Stephen Leslie France replied 10 years ago


Here are the answers I have acquired from the BVI Community Board on top of answers already here – this should help:

1) I believe everyone is required to have an onward or return ticket, most countries have this regulation. I don’t know how often immigration ask to see it but I have had visitors that did have to show the return booking at the airport. To stay to April I guess she would also have to go to immigration in town for an extension on the time the airport give her, if she hasn’t up to this point I think she will have to at the immigration office.

2) I’ve never been asked for a return ticket but they always ask how long you are staying. I would think if you said a month or more they’d ask as typical visitor would be less time. I recall the Premier made a statement that up to 60 days is now automatically available. The ferry/stt route would probably raise less issues.

3) An onward or return ticket is absolutely needed, in addition to pre-arranged accommodations and proof of means of support. Visit http://www.bvitourism.com/entry-requirements for more information.

British Virgin Islands Entry Requirements | BVI Tourism

3) The person could always buy a fully refundable or flexible onward/return ticket and then change it when they know their actual plans. will be a high initial layout but it could be fully refunded.

4)I am always asked for an onward or return ticket to any country that I have visited ….I guess the same applies here.