Work Permit for employee of Statutory Body

AskWork Permit for employee of Statutory Body
Nick Cunha asked 9 years ago

Hi there

Do you have any information on the work permit/ immigration process if the employer is a Statutory Body?

I am on island, have my own work permit but my wife is off island and waiting for her work permit application process to be clarified. She has been offered a job with the HSA but is getting mixed messages on the permit process. For example she has been told that she does not need to go through the same process as private sector employees do – however looking at the Labour Code it would appear to me that she does. I have been on island a week, and we had expected her to follow me by the end of the month.

If you dont have information on this point then perhaps the easiest way to find out how it works would be to speak directly with someone who has already gone through it and is currently employed by the HSA or another Statutory Body????

Many thanks in advance


Stephen Leslie France replied 9 years ago

Hi James,

We have information on the work permit process here,

However, to get a clearer picture, I will post your question on several BVI community boards and see what comes up.


Stephen Leslie France replied 9 years ago

Have you already queried Labour about this? It was the first suggestion that came back on the BVI Community Board…

Stephen Leslie France replied 9 years ago

I hope this answers your question:

Krisha D. Hodge Ryan: “If HSA falls under the exemption category for Statutory bodies she wouldn’t need a work permit. (I do believe the organization is exempted from the requirements) especially since a lot of the staff are expatriates and during my time there they never applied for any WP.”

Anonymous replied 9 years ago

Thanks a lot for the responses – It seems employees on the HSA are exempt fro WP. I will post any updates once I speak with Labour/ Immigration to confirm.