National Health Insurance

By: Erin Paviour-Smith | Last Updated: December 21, 2016

The National Health Insurance system aims to provide medical coverage available to everyone. The contribution is based on individual’s salary and is automatically deducted from the payroll of all BVI employees. 7.5% is split between the employee and employer (3.75% each). Unemployed spouses must contribute 7.5% of their partner’s earnings. Children under 18 are exempt to the levy. The ceiling for the deductions is $77,220, earnings above this level would not be subject to payments.
Most treatments insured under the NHI are subject to copayments.


  • 0% at community health clinics
  • 5% at the public hospital
  • 10% at private clinics in network
  • 40% at private clinics out of network (plus US$100 deductible)
  • 20% at overseas clinics in network (plus US$500 deductible)
  • 40% at overseas clinics out of network (required to be pre- approved by Medical Review Committee)

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