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Nick Cunha asked 9 years ago

I’m getting conflicting information about bringing dogs to the BVI especially age and time between rabies tests and vaccines. If anyone can help as i’m moving September 7th when my pup will be 6 months old.

Lauren Charley replied 9 years ago

Good morning Scott,

You’re in luck. I have recently updated the information in our Newbie guide for next year’s 2016 edition. The following information is up to date for you:

You simply have to follow some simple procedures and choose whether you want to get your pet tattooed or micro-chipped.
Other than a microchip or tattoo, pets from other countries need an import permit, an official health certificate filled out from a licensed vet and endorsed by a government veterinarian, and a $10 importation fee to enter the BVI. Pets from rabies-endemic countries need a bunch of vaccinations that could take four to six weeks to administer. Once all the forms and vaccinations are taken care of back home, you must official application forms to the Government of The BVI Veterinary Division which they will provide, along with the certificate and fee in order to obtain a permit. Once the permit is processed, the division must be given at least 24 hours’ notice of the animal’s arrival into the territory.

Here’s an example of requirements from an individual exporting a pet from the UK:

Evidence that the animal is fit and healthy to be exported. Veterinary Health Certificate required – documentary evidence of vaccinations which may include anti rabies, treatments for worms and parasites etc
In the UK they have a Pet Passport system. The dog is identified by an electronic chip, and the port records all relevant details of vaccinations etc
If exporting from UK, an application for Export Health Certificate can be obtained from government organisation DEFRA
Usually for dogs, they will need to have treatment for worms/parasites within 48 hours of arrival
A specialist company to arrange transport – this can include collecting the animal from home and their check of your documentation. This takes away a lot of hassle but comes at a price. You could be looking at around £1700 British Pounds in the UK.
Recommended to assist the process Airpets Limited –

Resources for Importing Your Pet

Government of The BVI Veterinary Division, Dept of Agriculture, Paraquita Bay, Tortola
Ph (284) 468-9247 (Deveaux) or (284) 9693 (Dr Montrose)

Email: [email protected]

[email protected] replied 9 years ago

Is there an age necessary to bring a dog in?I have a 5 month old puppy who is up to date on all her vaccinations .

Lauren Charley replied 9 years ago

I don’t believe the age matters as long as they have the right vaccinations.

However it is best to double check your questions with the Government of The BVI Veterinary Division in the contact details provided above.