11 BVI Boredom Busters for a difference

By: Kelly Bos, Therapist - 5 Doctors Medical and Wellness Services | Last Updated: January 6, 2017


The social scene in the BVI is active and vibrant – and why wouldn’t it be when you can get a rum coke for $2.00 at the equivalent alcohol measure of a triple shot in the UK or US.

However, on occasion, someone will pipe up and present a rhetorical question that a lot of people share:

What’s there to do in the BVI other than drink?

The answer is, a lot!


Want to get involved? Want to make a difference? Here are a few places to meet like-minded individuals interested in causes and creativity that inspire and invigorate.


A good place to start online:

BVI Community Board

For the thespian or dance enthusiast:

Limelight Productions

Cada Players

For the newbie to veteran sailor:

BVI IC24 Racing

To Hone Your Public Speaking Craft:

Tortola Toastmasters

For the Love of All Creatures Great and Small:

BVI Humane Society

Dig the Green Scene?

Green VI

To Lend a Helping Hand:

Hands on Volunteers

Red Cross

For the lover of words:

VI Callaloo Poets

For the Secret Superheroes Among Us:


For the Keen Paddler:

BVI Sup Co


These are just a few!

What clubs have you gotten involved with since moving to the Island?