A Newbie Hikes Brewer’s Bat Cave [Pictures]

By: Nick Cunha | Last Updated: January 6, 2017

Few BVI attractions can claim to prove the BVI motto “nature’s little secrets” better than the Bat Cave. A great number of locals and long-term expats is not aware of Bat Cave’s whereabouts.

It is not just a cave. The whole trip to the Bat Cave is a safari-like experience, full of natural obstacles that seem to be put there on purpose–to make the walk more enjoyable and interactive. On the other hand, my 1.5 years old daughter was able to make the trip almost on her own.

So where to start?

Get to Brewers Bay. From Road Town, use Huntum’s Ghut to get up to the Ridge Road. Continue past the turn to West and and take the next right turn with a green dumpster. From the west,  drive past Rudy’s towards town and after 100m take a left towards the school (two left turns, take the “right” left turn, about 60 degrees). Drive straight until you can see Road Town and look for a left turn with green dumpster. To confirm that you are on the right path, you will see Agape Total Life Academy after about 200m.

Now drive straight for about a half-mile. You need to get almost all the way to the Brewer’s Bay beach. There are a few sharp 180-degree curves before the beach. Take the last sharp turn to the left, as there is a dirt road  (4 wheel drive recommended, 2 wheel drive if experienced) to the right. Keep right and after 700m, you will get to the end of the road. Not that there would be a sign, but you would need a tank to get any further. There is a small parking lot (private) and green stairs up the hill.

Take the stairs and you will get to the a crossroad. If you feel like walking or want to have a picnic, take it right to Shark Bay. After 500m, there is a Shark Bay outlook post, where you can get some shade and nice views of the bay below. The Bat Cave is left from the green stairs, a little walk downhill.

Send us some pictures....

Nice place to have a picnic (no shade)

Have a picnic here...

Location of the Bat Cave.

Your walk starts here, turn left at the end

When you get here, turn to the dirt road. It is the last curve before the beach (left-turn). Keep right...


Once you get to a marker “Bat Cave,” you know you are close. The final staircase decline is perhaps the most beautiful part of the trip. Be careful; take your time. As you decline, you start noticing the Bat Cave emerging on your left.

After you examine the bat cave, notice the steep cliffs. We really got some nice pictures there.

Worth mentioning are the notices written into the leaves of local plants. Although under different circumstances I would consider it too offensive towards nature, the whole atmosphere of the place and of the messages people left before you just make it a to do thing.

Now, if you do not feel tired, return to the “Bat Cave” sign and take a walk to the Anderson Point. You do not have to go all the way. The first several hundreds of meters are perhaps the most beautiful walk on the island. Little bit of climbing, avoiding cacti, getting a peek of the ocean below from time to time.

And this is where we should stop, leaving us the opportunity to continue with the Anderson Point next time.

Have you been to the Bat Cave? How did you like it? What other places would you recommend? Share your experiences with us in the discussion below.

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