Three Best BVI Health Tips

By: Dr.Howard Berg - Island Chiropractic and Wellness Center | Last Updated: January 12, 2017


Today, more and more of us in the BVI are interested in a higher level of health called wellness and a distance from those $2.00 rum and cokes, that can easily steal a $20.00 bill.

Beyond merely feeling better or preventing health problems, we want to fully enjoy life by being at our very best mentally, physically, and socially. We want energy. We want vitality. We want life, so we can take advantage of the BVI’s great watersports – the diving, the wind-surfing, the paddle-boarding, the sailing.

It is my hope to show you how to begin this wellness journey; to allow you to become enlightened along the way. To let you come to your own realization that true health, pure health is not merely the absence of symptoms, but rather the connection of mind, body and spirit.

Effectively, I want to give you the initial tools you need to live your life fully with your whole being.

Our current medical model treats symptoms with drugs until the symptoms are gone. Then care is discontinued. This paradigm is about intervention, not improving health. It looks at the symptoms, not the causes.

Wellness is much more than simply the absence of symptoms. It is optimal physical, mental and emotional well-being – a preventive way of living that reduces—and sometimes even eliminates—the need for medications.

Wellness emphasises personal responsibility for making life-style choices and self care decisions that will improve the quality of your life.

One crucial tenet is that preventing illness is even more important than treating it. A wellness approach to health means adopting a variety of healthy habits for optimal function on all levels – physical, mental, and social.

An integral part of a wellness paradigm is having enough information to make educated choices and that’s the bottom line regarding the degree of your health—your choices. Choices of what you put into your body; choices about your level of physical activity; choices of how you handle stress.

If someone were to ask you, “What’s your wellness routine?” how would you respond? Do you even have a wellness plan? Most of us don’t even think about our health until we have a crisis. Most don’t realize that vitality, energy, vigor and peace of mind are actually NORMAL! We were born to be healthy.

There are really three ways we lose our health:

1) a lousy diet—chemical
2) lack of exercise—physical
3) mental stress—emotional

Simple when you look at it in these three bullets, but perhaps a challenge to put into practice when Happy Hour offers a temporary relief for $10.00.

Nevertheless, we are becoming aware that wellness is an outcome based on proper eating habits, exercise and staying mentally fit. You don’t buy it in the store. It doesn’t come in a bottle, but in the BVI, it is even easier to reach. Breaking down the luxuries we have here, that make this wellness journey an enjoyable and easy process :
1) We have fresh fruit and vegetables available due to our great climate
2) We have a great climate! Period. Relaxing in the sun and indeed just having that great glowing star in the sky is a de-stressor in itself
3) We have the water – just being out on the water in any form is a fantastic mental harmonizer

Overall though and my final thought…for now – you’re your own best healer and it’s your choice!


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